The PERFORM trial

Patient Advisory Group

What is the Patient Advisory Group?

The PERFORM Patient Advisory Group (PAG) members help to shape every part the PERFORM research programme.

PAG members offer their guidance on how the research could be developed and delivered, including sharing of outcome from research into practice. This is an important part of making sure research we do is relevant to people’s health and care needs with multiple long-term conditions. There are regular PAG meetings 3 times per year, plus a separate PAG evaluation meeting which can be face-to-face or hybrid (an option to attend virtually) in Glasgow or Leicester.

How you can get involved

The public help to shape every aspect of our work – by public we mean patients, potential patients, carers, and people who use health and social care services, as well as people and organisations that represent community support groups for people who use services.

If you would like to find out more about getting involved in our research, please contact our PPIE lead, Tracy Ibbotson on

Learn more about Tracy Ibbotson

Community engagement

We aim to work with patients and carers from across all groups including ethnic and socioeconomic deprived groups.

Communicating with many social groups living with multiple LTCs is one of the key aspects of the PERFORM programme. The PAG will help to create quarterly newsletters for research participants. The research findings will be sent to people who have taken part in the programme and people representing people with multiple LTCs, in a plain English format developed by the PAG.

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