The PERFORM trial

PERFORM Study Publications

Personalised Exercise-Rehabilitation FOR people with Multiple long-term conditions - PERFORM: protocol for a randomised feasibility trial, Sharon Anne Simpson, Rachael A Evans, Hannah Rosemary Gilbert , Amy Branson, Shaun Barber, Emma McIntosh, Zahira Ahmed, Sarah Gerard Dean , Patrick Joseph Doherty , Nikki Gardiner, Colin Greaves, Paulina Daw, Tracy Ibbotson, Bhautesh Jani, Kate Jolly , Frances Mair , Paula Ormandy, Susan Smith, Sally J Singh, Rod Taylor, BMJ Open, April 05, 2024 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-083255

Evidence for exercise-based interventions across 45 different long-term conditions: an overview of systematic reviews, Grace O. Dibben, Lucy Gardiner, Hannah M. L. Young, Valerie Wells, Rachael A. Evans, Zahira Ahmed, Shaun Barber, Sarah Dean, Patrick Doherty, Nikki Gardiner, Colin Greaves, Tracy Ibbotson, Bhautesh D. Jani, Kate Jolly, Frances S. Mair, Emma McIntosh, Paula Ormandy, Sharon A. Simpson, Sayem Ahmed, Stefanie J. Krauth, Lewis Steell, Sally J. Singh, Rod S. Taylor, on behalf of the PERFORM research team, eClinicalMedicine, April 30, 2024 10.1016/j.eclinm.2024.102599

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