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Simulation at Burton

The Midland Training and Simulation Centre is based at Queen's Hospital, Burton, and offers undergraduate medical students from Leicester a variety of high-quality training courses and educational opportunities.

The centre was opened on 2 November 2006 by Professor Stewart Petersen, who was the Head of Medical Education at Leicester. Simulation-based education in Burton has always been and continues to be supported by Leicester Medical School.

The rooms can be adapted to replicate a variety of different clinical environments and you will be able to diagnose and treat and variety of conditions in this safe and supportive environment.

We believe a holistic approach to the delivery of care is crucial. We strongly believe that learners need to incorporate an appreciation of human factors and other non-technical skills into their practice and this forms a significant part of the teaching.

Clinical skills taught

  • Venepuncture and IV cannulation
  • Blood cultures and ABGs
  • Measurements of vital signs and documentation
  • Male and female catheterisation
  • 12 lead ECG and 3 lead monitoring
  • Skin suturing and infiltration of local anaesthetic
  • Setting up infusions and preparing drugs for administration
  • Resuscitation and airway management skills

High-fidelity simulations

We have many years experience guiding learners through challenging but enjoyable simulations. Our current simulations include conditions such as:

  • General medicine – asthma, ACS, pancreatitis, DKA, pulmonary embolism, GI bleed, hypoglycaemia
  • Acute care – pneumonia, fractured ribs, sepsis, AKI, paracetamol overdose and meningitis
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology – PV bleed and ectopic pregnancy

The Sim Ward

Burton is fortunate to have a disused ward that is used as 'The Sim Ward'. You will have the opportunity to manage acutely ill patients (actors), work within a multi-professional team and present your patient to the Consultant during a ward round. You will gain valuable insight into the patient experience and receive feedback about your communication, team working and decision making. This session is then followed by a de-brief that focuses specifically on the human factors involved with patient safety.

The centre has two high-tech simulation rooms that are a replica of clinical environments complete with human patient simulators (SimMan 3G). The simulation manikins have realistic breath and heart sounds, reactive pupils and physiologically responds to your treatment. You can practise your communication skills, such as consent and history-taking, and give medication through the cannula that you have inserted. Typical ward facilities are available such as piped oxygen, hand-washing facilities, infusion devices and an electric bed. There is even a self-contained telephone switchboard so that your referrals can be conducted realistically.

Take a look at what we do:

Simulation team

Simulation Lead

Dr Nicole Pope
Undergraduate Lead
Queen's Hospital
Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Nicole Pope has been a Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Queen's Hospital, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, for the past five years and the Undergraduate Tutor for Leicester Medical School for the past two years. She graduated from the University of the West Indies and completed her specialist training in the South Yorkshire Deanery. She is passionate about medical education and has completed the Certificate in Medical Education at the University of Dundee, and is currently enrolled in the Masters programme with the University of Nottingham.

Block Leads

  • Acute Care - Dr Patrick Harris, Critical Care Consultant
  • Cardiorespiratory - Dr Uttam Nanda, Cardiorespiratory Consultant
  • GI - Dr Maria Guerra, Gastroenterology Consultant
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Dr Ayman Swidan, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Associate Specialist

Simulation and clinical skills team

  • Sharon Kilkie - Simulation and Clinical Skills Trainer/Manager
  • Darren Middleton - Resus/Simulation Trainer
  • Laura Nash - Resus/Simulation Trainer
  • Ruth Brookes - Resus/Simulation Trainer

Administration team

  • Elizabeth Mortlock - Administration/Simulation Centre Manager
  • Khalida Parveen - Undergraduate administrator
  • Alison King - Undergraduate administrator

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