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About the Consent Form

A bequest cannot be accepted without an appropriately signed and witnessed Consent Form, or a legal document drawn up with reference to the Human Tissue Act 2004. Consent Forms are issued with the Information Pack, and large print Consent Forms are also available upon request.

Instructions and guidance for completing your Form

  • It is important to discuss your wishes with your family and next of kin/executor before signing the Consent Form
  • You must complete the form in duplicate: one copy for us, and one copy for you
  • Consent must be made by you, the donor, and it is not possible for a power of attorney to provide consent on your behalf
  • You will also need a witness to sign your Form - the witness can be next of kin, executor, friend, GP, solicitor, etc.
  • Both you and your witness must sign and date the forms at the same time
  • You may specify in the form your wishes with regard to the length of time your body can be retained by Leicester Medical School

Submitting your Form

Registration is complete when your signed Consent Form is returned to Leicester Medical School. The Body Donation Programme Manager will confirm receipt of the Form and will send you a Body Donation Card, which signifies completion of the registration process.

There is no upper age limit, but potential donors must be over 17 years old to register.

Unfortunately, registration does not guarantee that a bequest can be accepted. Find out more about the conditions for acceptance of a donation.

Withdrawing consent

You can withdraw your consent at any time. Simply notify the Body Donation Programme Manager in writing and your Consent Form will be destroyed.

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