Leicester Medical School

Conditions for acceptance

At Leicester Medical School, we endeavour to accept as many bequests as possible. However, some medical conditions make the study of anatomy difficult or interfere with the embalming process, and occasionally there are other, non-medical circumstances which mean we are unable to accept donations. As such, it is not possible to guarantee that a donation will be accepted.

Medical exclusions

The Information Pack contains a document listing medical reasons why we may sometimes be unable to accept a donation. These include:

  • Areas of broken skin
  • Some infectious diseases, such as septicaemia
  • Severe arthritic deformity
  • Peripheral oedema

We also make enquiries about height and weight.

Non-medical reasons for non-acceptance

We will be unable to accept bequests under the following conditions:

  • If a death occurs abroad
  • If donation capacity has been reached at Leicester Medical School
  • If Leicester Medical School is closed, for example during the Easter and Christmas/New Year periods (full details of any closures are left on the answerphone of the Body Donation Programme Manager at these times)

If the donation cannot be accepted, the next of kin/executor will be informed as soon as possible. 

In the event of non-acceptance, the responsibility for arranging and funding a burial or cremation rests with the next of kin/executor. It is therefore important that potential donors consider alternative arrangements in the event that Leicester Medical School is unable to accept a bequest.

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