Body Donation Programme

Many generous and public-spirited people feel that they would like their body to be of use after their death. One of the ways in which a body can be of use is to donate it for medical education. In addition to their instructional value, donated bodies are also used by clinicians in specialised training courses.

Initial enquiries

If you wish to donate your body to Leicester Medical School, we can send you an Information Pack. We are happy to take enquiries regarding eligibility at any time.

The pack contains:

  • Registration and Consent Forms
  • Information about what happens when a bequest is accepted at Leicester Medical School
  • Information for family or executors

Request an information pack

If you would like to register as a potential donor, or you would simply like to find out more about the Programme, you can request an Information Pack.

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Uses for donated bodies

Find out how we use donated bodies at Leicester Medical School, in line with the Human Tissue Authority's regulations.

How we use donations

About the Consent Form

Learn more about the donation Consent Form, without which we are unable to accept bequests.

More about the Consent Form

Conditions for acceptance

We endeavour to accept as many bequests as possible, but some medical or situational conditions mean it is not possible to guarantee that a donation will be accepted.

More about acceptances

Procedure in the event of death

Find out what happens in the event of death, including information about the proceedings of both potential outcomes: the donation being accepted or the donation being rejected.

More about what happens

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about the Body Donation Programme, feel free to browse our FAQs to see if we already have an answer.

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Useful links

Browse our useful links for more information about body and tissue donation, organ donation and more.

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Contact the Body Donation Programme Manager

See the Body Donation Programme Manager's contact details, including postal address, email and telephone number.

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