Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

Service and Ordering

We provide a unique PLEICS vector(s) cloning service with a choice of 136 vectors.

We prepare PCR products from supplied templates and primers (if PCR fails we will perform one round of troubleshooting), and clone into pLEICS vector(s) of choice

User guide

  1. Choose your expression system (E. coli, mammalian cells, baculovirus, Pichia Pastoris, Drosophila, Xenopus and cell-free systems, etc.)
  2. Choose your pLEICS vector(s) from the Available Vectors
  3. Decide pLEICS vector family (Multiple vectors from one set of primers)
  4. Design PCR Primers or/and PCR-based mutagenesis primers (see Primer Design Guide for details)
  5. Order your primers and dissolve your primers in autoclaved water (concentration 1µg/µl preferred)
  6. Submit your cloning request with a filled Cloning Request Form (doc, 188kb) or/and Mutagenesis Cloning Request Form (doc, 50kb), PCR primers and PCR template to PROTEX.

    Normally, orders received by Friday 4:00pm should be ready to return before 5:00pm next Friday

  7. We will email you when we complete your clones.

You will then be able to send your clones for sequencing, this is outsourced to Source Bioscience. There is a collection box in the Adrian Building reception (Contact Sharon Munday for more details). You can find sequencing primer details at Vector Details (PDF, 491kb).

To order:

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