Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology

X-Ray Crystallography

scientific equipmentThe X-ray facilities hosted in the Henry Wellcome Building provide users with the necessary infrastructure for researchers to prepare protein crystals, screen crystals and collect data in house. We also have regular access to the synchrotron facilities in the UK (Diamond Light Source, Oxford) and Europe (European Synchrotron Research Facility, Grenoble).

The X-ray crystallography facilities include:

  • Rigaku MicroMax™ 007 HF rotating anode X-ray generator with multi-layer optics
  • A Saturn 944+ CCD detector mounted on an AFC-10 K 4-circle goniometer
  • R-AXIS-IV detector modified to include a single-crystal spectrophotometer
  • TTP LabTech mosquito® liquid handling robot - Fast, high throughput crystallisation with minimal protein
  • Douglas Instruments Oryx8 crystallisation robot - Crystal optimisation and microseeding capability
  • Cartesian Honeybee crystallisation robot - Nanolitre volume crystallisation
  • Douglas Instruments Oryx4 crystallisation robot within an anaerobic chamber - Anaerobic crystallisation for oxygen sensitive systems

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