Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

nuclear magnetic resonance equipment in useThe Henry Wellcome Building is equipped with high field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers which enable superior levels of sensitivity and resolution. The spectrometers posses cryoprobes that increase signal-to-noise ratio and allow NMR on samples of low concentration or faster acquisition of data. We are one of the few centres that combines both solution and solid state NMR to answer biological questions. Solution–state NMR allows the study of protein structure and dynamics at atomic detail and under physiological conditions, whereas solid-state NMR alleviates molecular weight limitations, allowing for the study of higher molecular weight complexes or of proteins embedded in lipid bilayers.

The NMR facilities include:

  • Four NMR spectrometers (500 MHz, 2 X 600MHz, 800MHz)
  • Including cryo-probes for increased signal-to-noise ratio
  • One 600MHz dedicated to solid state NMR

For more information please contact Dr Fred Muskett on fwm1@leicester.ac.uk

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