Microscopes and equipment

FEI Titan Krios G3

  • High-brightness X-FEG gun
  • Three lens condenser system for parallel sample illumination
  • 80 to 300 kV
  • Constant Power lens design for optimal mode switching between LM-HM imaging and diffraction
  • Autoloader for robotic sample handling and loading of up to 12 samples
  • Falcon 3EC Camera
  • Gatan K3 Camera with Bioquantum Energy Filter
  • Volta Phase Plate for close to focus, high-contrast, data acquisition: Ideal for smaller (<200 kDa) macromolecular complexes
  • Thermo Fisher EPU: Software for automated single particle collection
    • Falcon 3EC and K3 fully embedded
    • Aberration free image-beam shift with K3 in counting mode yields > 200 micrographs per hour
  • Thermo Fisher Batch Tomography: Software for automated tomogram collection
  • Serial EM: Software for automated single particle and tomogram collection

Philips CM200 CM200

  • High-brightness FEG gun
  • 120 to 200 kV
  • Side-entry Gatan 626 cryo-holder
  • TVIPS F224HD 2k×2k CCD camera

FEI Vitrobot Dual-sided blotter

User friendly and reproducible, this plunger is ideal for new and experienced users.  Double sided blotting and temperature and humidity control.

Custom Manual Plunger Single-sided blotter

This simple plunger offers high reproducibility with a small learning curve. The single sided blotting can be advantageous for some specimens, such as bacterial cells.

Quorum GloQube Glow discharge

A dual chamber glow-discharge machine for making grids hydrophilic with either air (negative charge) or a volatile additive such as pentalamine (positive charge).