Microscopes and equipment

microscopic equipment

FEI Titan Krios G3

  • High-brightness X-FEG gun
  • Three lens condenser system for parallel sample illumination
  • 80 to 300 kV
  • Constant Power lens design for optimal mode switching between LM-HM imaging and diffraction
  • Autoloader for robotic sample handling and loading of up to 12 samples
  • Falcon 3 Electron Counting Direct Electron Detector
  • Volta Phase Plate for close to focus, high-contrast, data acquisition: Ideal for smaller (<200 kDa) macromolecular complexes
  • Gatan K2 (soon to be upgraded to a K3) Electron Counting Detector
  • Gatan GIF Quantum LS Energy Filter for zero-loss imaging
  • Thermo Fisher EPU: Software for automated single particle collection Thermo Fisher
  • Batch Tomography: Software for automated tomogram collection
  • Serial EM: Software for automated single particle and tomogram collection

FEI Vitrobot

User friendly and high reproducibility make this plunger ideal for new and experienced users.  Double sided blotting and temperature and humidity control.

Custom Manual Plunger

This simple plunger offers high reproducibility with a small learning curve. The single sided blotting can be advantageous for specimens such as bacterial cells.

Quorum GloQube

A dual chamber glow-discharge machine for making grids hydrophilic with either air (-ve charge) or an volatile additive such as pentalamine (+ve charge).