Facility access

The Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility offers state of the art equipment for researchers to conduct cryo-electron microscopy either by hire of instrument or a data collection service:

  1. Hire of equipment and training for research purposes: Researchers can submit a project proposal for the Hire of the Titan Krios. Once approved and a date of commencement is agreed, the researcher can visit the facility to hire the equipment. The agreement covers the hire of the microscope, not the use of the facility. Due to the complexity of the microscope’s operation and for health and safety reasons, training and supervision will be provided as part of the hire which is considered ancillary to the hire of the instrument.
  2. Data collection service: Researchers can submit a project proposal for use of the Titan Krios. Once approved and a date for data collection is agreed, the researcher can ship frozen-hydrated specimens to the facility. Based on the agreed data collection strategy between the facility and the user, the facility staff will setup data collection accordingly. The user is not required to be present but is welcome to do so. For tomography we recommend the researcher be present during the data collection setup to make sure the best areas are selected. The data and specimens will be shipped back to the user once data collection is completed.

Please complete and submit the Project Application Form (Word, 21kb) to CryoEM@leicester.ac.uk.


  • UK Academia - £1,700 per 24 hour session
  • Outside UK Academia - £1,800 per 24 hour session
  • Industry - Please contact Charlotte Walden for more details

Typical experiment schedule for Single Particle or Tomography

Day 1

  • 9:00-9:15: Arrive at Henry Wellcome building and sign-in at reception
  • 9:15-10:30: Load grids into cartridges and load up to 8 grids into the Krios
  • 10:30-14:00: Locate suitable grids for data collection
  • 14:00-16:30: Setup EPU, Batch Tomo or Serial EM on suitable locations
  • 16:30-17:00: Monitor Data collection and adjust accordingly

Day 2

  • Monitor data collection and adjust accordingly (e.g. center zero loss peak or change phase plate slot)
  • Setup additional squares or areas for data collection if needed

Terms and conditions

See the full terms and conditions (PDF, 83kb)
By submitting a proposal and/or acquiring data, you to the following:

  1. The user will fill out the project proposal form accurately for the specific project intended to use at the Facility.
  2. The user will promptly ship samples in a dry-shipper or other suitable container so as not to delay the session start.
  3. The user will inform the Facility at least 7 days in advance if a cancelation is required.
  4. The user will follow the Facility managers’ reasonable instructions for the use of the microscopes and ancillary equipment.
  5. The user will begin promptly at 9am and complete data collection setup by 5pm. After 5pm access to the Henry Wellcome Building will be restricted.
  6. The user will ship back any provided hard drives within 10 days of receipt of the drives or agree to pay the replacement cost of the drive.
  7. The user will will acknowledge Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility’s support in all published material (including presentations and posters) arising from work carried out wholly or partially at Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility. The following acknowledgment statement is to be used in all cases:
    “We acknowledge the Midlands Regional Cryo-EM facility at LISCB, major funder MRC."
  8. The normal approaches to deciding co-authorship of manuscripts should apply. You agree to abide by the Leicester Research Code of Practice for authorship on publications. This is currently available here. Facility managers will often have helped design experiments, collected data, analysed and interpreted results or suggested solutions to problems, representing a significant contribution. They won’t expect authorship where an acknowledgment for a small or routine contribution is appropriate
  9. If for any reason and at any time circumstances arise that prevent your use of Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility Facilities then Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility may, where practical, and at its sole discretion, reallocate time for your use of Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility. Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility will not be responsible for any other costs incurred by you in connection with the reallocated time using Midlands Regional Cryo-EM Facility.