Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology

Scientific Computational Infrastructure

scientific computational infrastructure equipmentWe have a dedicated computational expert, Dr TJ Ragan, to support and develop scientific computing and computational infrastructure. This allows us to be responsive to the needs of researchers to handle their data which is ever increasing in volume and complexity. The support provided includes:

  • Scientific programming and training for researchers
  • Developing and implementing new data analysis methods
  • Assembling custom computational hardware for data processing
  • High performance CPU- and GPU- based computing

The recent revolution in cryo-EM has resulted in the need to process very large (>2TB) data sets. A pair of GPU based computers tuned to process cryo-EM data have been built. These high performance boxes have reduced a typical run from days (on a supercomputer) to hours. Both computers are now in routine use for the analysis of medium- and high resolution electron microscopy datasets.

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