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Bennett Building

There are study spaces on the lower ground floor, a mixture of soft furnishing booths, some with power some without. There are also three vending machines dispensing hot and cold drinks, as well as crisps and chocolate snacks.

Photograph of a sign with the quote "What we know is a fistful; what we don't know is a world full" a Sri Lankan proverb, is printed on the wall. There are some soft furnishing booths in the background. 

Geology Reading Room

Beyond the Geology Reception opposite Jane the teenage T-Rex is a reading room primarily intended for Geology & Geography students. The space is furnished with over 80 study spaces of varying types. There are four networked PCs in this space for quiet individual work, social soft furnished seating, as well as long study tables, with power facilities available throughout. In addition there is a collection of Library owned Geology journals available for use in your studies.

Photograph of multiple long tables for study with soft chairs and sofas in the background. 

Student Study Area (F33)

On the first floor to the left hand side of the main set of stairs there is a large Student Study Area (F33), primarily intended for Geology & Geography students. The space is furnished with varying types of seating, booths, high bench seating, long tables, round desk tables, armchair seating and a PC area. There are power facilities throughout. In addition there are stationary items and a Student Study Area Library, filled with textbooks specifically for Geology & Geography that are for use in this space only. 

Photograph of social study room with long table, with green chairs, with booths on the right side and display boards on the left.

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