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Unexpected Recall and Overdue Library Notices

11 September 2020

Have you received a recall and overdue notice about your Library books? If so, do not be concerned, these emails can be ignored.

Over the last 24hrs you may have received recall and overdue notices from the University Library. These emails can be ignored. They were sent out due to a system error as we began to switch back on services in the Library. During lockdown all notifications were halted so that you didn’t receive any recall or overdue notices. These should have stayed dormant when we made system changes to prepare for the start of term. However, they have now gone out in error.

You will receive correct notifications over the next 24hrs with those items that can be renewed, automatically renewed until 16th October. However, if you have any concerns please contact the Library at

Please accept my apologies for this error and any confusion caused.

Neil Donohue
Interim University Librarian

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