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Previous projects

Represent Diverse group of students reading

Within this project Library Champions helped to promote the Represent campaign by generating online content on the Library Champions blog site and the Library Instagram page to share with Leicester students and promoted diverse library resources by creating themed online reading lists.

Teaching enhancement Students working together

This project investigated students’ prior experience of research skills embedded within their learning, trailed the effectiveness of delivering a research skills focused learning activity through an online asynchronous medium and measured how far learning from this medium was retained and used over an extended period of time. Feedback from Library Champions was shared with library colleagues and more widely across the sector at library conferences.

Active reading using audio tools Student working with headphones

Library Champions explored a number of different audio tools that are available to students and how they can contribute to active reading and be adopted within academic study practice. Champions produced a study guide based on their findings that can be found on the Academic Skills Online site.

Improving the open access content on Wikipedia Student working on a laptop

Wikipedia is the most read reference publication in the world. It also free to read. However, not all of the external content that Wikipedia uses is easy for readers to access online. In this project, Champions chose topics relevant to them, identified the relevant Wikipedia page(s) and assessed how ‘open’ the references and media used on the page were. Champions looked at improving the openness of references, adding open access content to WikiSource, or re-using content from WikiMedia Commons and improved the open access content in Wikipedia making it a more useful source of information to readers around the world.

Make reading lists more diverse Student reading in the library

In this project students will developed a toolkit to be used here at the University of Leicester by academic colleagues who are decolonising or diversifying their teaching and want to modify their reading list to reflect that. 

'A Century of Student Life' Vintage photo of Leicester students running a race

Champions were involved with ‘micro-volunteering’ opportunities to learn about working with archives, producing creative responses to the past, and contributing to a ‘Student Life, 2022’ collection that will be preserved as a record of our Centenary year. This project will be continued throughout 22/23. 


Library Champions is a wonderful community that brings everyone together and raises social awareness. It creates fun, unique projects that not only helps the students but also enhances several key skills which is needed in their future careers.

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