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Inclusive Collections

Our Collections Development Strategy states that ‘we will create an inclusive and diverse collection that supports learning and research’.  Our University strategies for Education and Research similarly focus on creating a welcoming, inclusive, and enabling education and research environment in line with the values of our University. 

Our Inclusive Collections Group

We have established the Inclusive Collections Group to drive this forward and are actively working on ensuring a breadth of voices are reflected in our collections. The group is currently working on a range of approaches which are described below.


  • Development of a toolkit to help academic colleagues who want to diversify the reading they recommend to students with students on the Represent scheme, and with Library Champions
  • Application of the toolkit to a range of modules in collaboration with our academics and curriculum consultants.  

  • Supporting the University’s Institute for Inclusivity in Higher Education, and Education Services on their initiatives.


  • Revision of our gifts and donations policy to ensure we accept items which add breadth to our collections.

  • Adding diverse and inclusive open access content to our discovery system. 


Content and description 

We endorse and apply the Cataloguing code of ethics and engage with the wider library community to ensure that the shared metadata descriptive language that appears in our discovery system ‘Library Search’ is improved to reflect the values of inclusivity.  

When searching ‘Library Search’ you may discover items which contain outdated, harmful or challenging vocabulary in either the content or descriptions of the item. This terminology may demonstrate the attitudes and language contemporary to the creation or description of the item, or in some cases, uncomfortable and challenging material.  Engagement with such material can be an aspect of study at University.  The presence of such terminology does not imply endorsement of any statements or opinions contained therein. 

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