Funding calls are organized on a yearly basis, with typically two calls, one in the Autumn, and the other in Spring.

The projects are assessed by the steering committee, which consists of a large panel of peers and industry representatives. The combination of academic and external (industry focused membership) add significant value when evaluating potential projects, provide support and advice in order to maximise the likelihood of project progression and commercialisation.

Steering Committee

  • LD3 Management Team
  • LD3 Research Team
  • Senior College Management Team
  • Research and Enterprise Division (RED)
  • UoL Academic Representation
  • External membership

The LD3 committee includes externals with a wide variety of expertise in academy and industry, e.g. drug discovery, diagnostics, innovation in healthcare.

Research proposals are assessed using the following criteria:

  • Scientific quality
  • Clinical need
  • Commercial potential
  • Evaluation of milestones
  • Allocation of resources
  • IP position
  • Potential industrial partners

In addition to funding calls, flexible funding support for researchers can be applied for via ‘small calls’ and funding ‘boosts’.

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