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For general enquiries, including admin matters, help with registrations or payments, information on timetables, report absences or request certificates please email or call +44 (0)116 252 2662, Mondays to Fridays between 10.00am and 5.00pm.

Add 0116 252 (unless specified) before the extension number to telephone from outside of the University.


Name Position Telephone Email 
Martín Agnone Director Languages at Leicester Programme (UWLP) 2665
Mechelle Thompson
Administrator Languages at Leicester Programme (UWLP)

Language Tutors

Name Language Email 
Averil Dobson Coordinator
Cecilia Sosa Spanish Tutor
Corinne Pelton
French for Business Tutor
Deniz Ertan
Turkish Tutor
Dorota Weryk Polish Tutor  
Ed Parnell
German and French Language Leader
Francesca Molina
Spanish Tutor
Giamba Picciano Moss
Italian Language Leader
Gianluca Fanti
Italian Tutor
Gisele Reynolds Portuguese Tutor  
Hongyu White Sensei

Chinese and Japanese Language Leader
Mandarin Chinese Language
Culture awareness and social etiquette Tutor
Hyunjong Crawford
Korean Language Leader
Irma Manktelow
Spanish Language Leader 
Jackie Perkins
British Sign Language Tutor and Coordinator
Jin Li
Chinese Tutor
Junko Tamaki Sensei
Japanese Language Leader and JLPT Coordinator
Kaori Stansall Sensei
Japanese Language Leader 
Karolina Noble
Polish Tutor
Lou Westley British Sign Language Tutor and Coordinator
Lubna Khan

French Tutor
Malika Kraamer Dutch Tutor  
Maria Lymperopoulou Modern Greek Tutor  
Mary Platts British Sign Language Tutor (Levels 1 and 2)  
Melanie Upton British Sign Language Tutor (Level 1)  
Michaela Senkova Ancient Greek and Latin Tutor  
Min Song
Chinese Language Leader 
Nathalie Colibert
French Language Leader
Nidya Yanez Rodriguez
Spanish Language Leader  
Nitu Gupta
Hindi Tutor  
Nuria Escudero Pérez
Spanish Language Leader
Petra Wilson
German Language Leader
Rebeca Reynolds Portuguese Language Leader
Sandrine Dorland
French Language Leader
Sonia Dabbas
Arabic Language Leader and German Tutor
Tanya Spanyol
Russian Tutor

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