Polish Intermediate (Level 3)

You have reached the A2 level in the ELP self-assessment grid (equivalent to a good grade at GSCE) and/or completed the Post-beginners (level 2) Course.

Key information:

  • Session information: October 2021
  • Timeline: TBC
  • 10 weeks (30 learning hours); Term 2: 10 weeks (30 learning hours).
  • Fees: Term 1 - £120. Term 2 £120. Full Course £240.

This course will be taught in a group size of a minimum 7 and maximum 12 students. Course fee includes all tuition, access to VLE (virtual learning environment), handouts and any tests/exams, but not a textbook.

DUE TO COVID-19 this course will begin online.  If there is an opportunity for us to resume face to face classroom teaching on campus we will do so providing all learners can access the campus. 

This course will start in October and run for 20 weeks (4 week break over Christmas), lessons will resume in January 2022. It comprises 60 learning hours over two terms. Lessons are two hours long and take place once a week.  When enrolling you are committing to the full 20 weeks.  There is the option to pay for the full course in one payment or two instalments.

Enrol now

Entry level

You have reached level A2 or completed the Post-Beginners (level 2) or you have enough knowledge to be on track with the group.

You can use the ELP self-assessment grid to judge how competent you are in the language. Alternatively, if you require help to assess your level please contact us or come along to one of our drop-in sessions.

Course content

  • Exploring topics such as personality, work and education, city and country life, feelings and relationships with others, healthy lifestyle, travel and tourism
  • Expressing opinions and preferences providing details and reasons for your choices
  • Talking about present, past and future events using a range of structures
  • Developing fluency in speaking and conversational skills taking part in discussions actively
  • Developing grammatical accuracy by revising and expanding conjugations, noun and adjective cases, using conjunctions and participles and other grammatical structures
  • Identifying the main features, regarding structure, vocabulary and register, of a variety of texts such as letters, adverts, articles and reviews and responding to them applying their attributes accordingly.

Please note the course content is flexible and subject to change depending on the preferences of the group.


Polski, Krok Po Kroku: Level A1 by Iwona Stempek, Anna Stelmach, Aneta Szymkiewicz and Sylwia Dawidek.

There isn’t a University bookshop however The European Bookshop website holds our book list and offers a 10% discount to all our students. Languages at Leicester Reading List.

It is not essential to bring a course book to the first class. The tutor will discuss book requirements in class and advise you of the best places to obtain the book if required. With some languages there is the option for us to order text books on behalf of a class.

Our approach

This course is taught in Polish; English is used when necessary or requested by students in particular situations or grammar explanations. Our programme aims to develop the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as cultural awareness. It provides a good balance between understanding the culture, vocabulary and grammar structures of the Polish language and enhancing communication and interaction. It supports comprehensive and productive skills in speech and writing through authentic based activities and guided practice in the use of Polish language. Students will be encouraged to seek opportunities to learn and practise the four skills outside the classroom taking advantage of learning resources provided by tutors and the programme. The group size is limited to 12 students and planned to allow intensive interactive practice with individual feedback and advice on progress.


Upon completing the Intermediate level (3), you can progress onto the Upper-intermediate level (4). If you are interested in attending an Upper-intermediate course please email Languages at Leicester at lalenquriries@le.ac.uk to register your interest.