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India FlagThe Gujarati language is the second most spoken language in Leicester, after English. An astonishing 12% of Leicester inhabitants speak Gujarati. Moreover, it is also widely spoken in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Pakistan. This fact by itself should be enough reason to learn Gujarati, but it pails compared to the opportunity to engage with Gujaratis. They are as vibrant as their multicolour dresses and welcoming as the flavours and aromas of their food. The Gujarat region in India is multi-ethnic, embraces different religious faiths and exhibits a diverse and reach cultural heritage. Gujarat is famous worldwide for its fine art and architecture, its folk music, known as Sugam Sangeet, its stunning dresses, a myriad of fairs and festivals and flavoursome cuisine.

Apply for Gujarati Beginners Level 1 (Next course is due to take place in Autumn 2023. Course will be confirmed and published on 1 August 2023)

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