History at Leicester

Spend a year abroad

We have a Study Abroad scheme, where students in the exchange scheme transfer to a four-year degree version of their existing three-year course.

This option is available for all our degree programmes.

Places available

Each year, up to 20 single-subject and joint-degree History students can transfer to the four-year degree and spend their third year studying at one of our partner universities before returning to Leicester for their final (fourth) year.

Language requirements

You do not need to be fluent in the relevant language before you decide to transfer to the four-year degree programme, but you are expected to take advantage of the language tuition available at Leicester to ensure that you are properly prepared before you leave. Language training is provided through the Languages at Leicester scheme at a subsidised cost. Students must be able to produce evidence that they have the necessary language skills by the end of their second year.

Learning a language at Leicester

Being able to speak a second language can help you to secure a job in a very competitive job market. Although you have chosen to study History at Leicester, there are also excellent opportunities to acquire a new language or improve a language you have already learned at school, whether at GCSE or A-level. You don't have to participate in the Erasmus scheme to learn a language, however, if you are taking single honours you can do it as part of your ordinary degree by choosing to take a language module (French, Spanish or Italian) in your second and third year.

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