History at Leicester

Suggested reading

To help prepare for the first year of your History degree, read as widely and diversely as possible.

Below are suggestions that will help you expand your awareness of the scope of History before you begin your degree. These are only preliminary suggestions based around our curriculum and course module options, so do feel free to explore areas of interest beyond this list.

Making History

  • John Tosh, The pursuit of history: aims, methods and new directions in the study of modern history (2002)
  • Nigel Warburton, The Basics of Essay Writing (2007)
  • Peter Lambert, Phillipp R. Schofield, Making history: an introduction to the history and practices of a discipline (2004)

Barbarism and Civilisation: Medieval and Early Modern Europe

  • Euan Cameron, Early Modern Europe: An Oxford History (1999)
  • Beat Kumin (ed.), The European World 1500–1800: An Introduction to Early Modern History (2014)
  • Peter Linehan (ed.), The Medieval World (2002)

The Shock of the Modern

Other areas of interest

Colonial History

(readings may be relevant to the core module Shock of the Modern and the Global History option module)

You can link through to all this free content. There are lots of review essays and special issues. We hope you enjoy those, as well as the stand-alone articles.

Holocaust History

Soviet History

Indigenous History

  • Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States. This book will be relevant to the American History option module (1st year, Semester 2).
  • Open Access Review of the above book by one of our History Lecturers, Dr Emma Battell Lowman

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