History at Leicester

Employability: how we will help you

Leicester Award for Employability

The Leicester Award for Employability is open to all, will teach you a great deal, and will look good on your CV. It will help you to develop, assess, recognise and record the employability skills you are gaining in your study and extra-curricular activities.

History in the Classroom

We offer a History in the Classroom* module to our undergraduates. This ten-week option is open to second year students. Students spend one afternoon a week under the direct supervision of a qualified classroom teacher in a local school where you will teach some History. If you are thinking of teaching as a profession, this is the module for you.

At Leicester, you will be given the foundation for your future career - a life changing education, and a life forming awareness of the importance of being employable. Come and join us!

*Modules were available at the time of writing, please be aware that at times the selection of course modules on offer may vary

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