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Building and Enriching Shared Heritages Project

Information about the online training resources for community historians created for the 'Building and Enriching Shared Heritages' project.

Online training resources for community historians

‘Building and Enriching Shared Heritages’ was an AHRC-funded project to build relationships between the School of History and local community groups who are researching history under the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) ‘All Our Stories’ scheme. Our aim was to empower local community groups through enhancing their research skills and to develop networks between and amongst local history and community heritage groups and University researchers.

We devised and delivered face-to-face workshops and online training resources, and provided mentoring in order to equip the HLF local groups with the skills to enhance their research projects so that they could deliver on the grants for which they had been funded. Podcasts of all workshops are available on this website.

This project has created an opportunity to develop a stimulating local and regional research culture in which local community members and academic researchers can engage in dialogue about research findings in the fields of heritage and local history.


People involved in the project

  • Professor Roey Sweet (Principal Investigator)
  • Colin Hyde (Workshop Co-ordinator)
  • Pam Fisher (Workshop Co-ordinator)
  • Matt Neale (Workshop Co-ordinator)
  • Jim Hulbert (Podcast assistant)
  • Amy Smith (Student Intern)

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