Department of Population Health Sciences


Structured to support innovative multidisciplinary and multi-method solutions to research questions, our mission is to conduct high quality scientific research that can inform policies and practices aimed at securing people's health and well-being.

Our key objectives are:

  • To conduct methodological research that can underpin robust research design and data analysis
  • To produce evidence that can improve understanding of the aetiology, management and prevention of disease, including complex chronic physical and mental disorders
  • To produce evidence that can improve health service organisation and delivery
  • To disseminate our research outputs to the international scientific community, to practitioners, to policy-makers, and to health service users

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Research funding

External research funding, currently standing in excess of £19 million, is provided by NIHR, MRC, Wellcome Trust, Leverhulme Trust, the Department of Health, Diabetes UK and NICE, among other funding bodies and UK charities.

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