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SEIS-UK (Seismic Equipment Infra-Structure in the UK)

SEIS-UK is one of three nodes which make up the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Geophysical Equipment Facility (GEF). The primary role of GEF is to supply equipment (land and ocean bottom seismometers, marine controlled source EM systems, GPR, GPS, MT and TEM) to the UK academic and research centre communities to support scientific investigations.

Established in 2000 and currently hosted by the University of Leicester, SEIS-UK maintains NERC’s pool of onshore seismic equipment, which is capable of recording earthquakes and controlled seismic sources. The team provide expertise and training to new and existing users and support projects during field acquisition, data processing and ultimately data management.

Japanese Earthquake recorded at UoL

A processing system for continuous seismic data is fully supported, including event detection and location and some 17TB of seismic data are stored on the SEIS-UK servers and regularly uploaded to the IRIS DMC for permanent archive (following an exclusive use period).

SEIS-UK provides support for a very wide range of projects. These are predominantly academic and involve substantial collaboration with non-UK academics and institutions: e.g. volcanic monitoring in Iceland and Ethiopia/Afar, aftershock monitoring in Indonesia and Chile, glacio-seismology and ice stream dynamics in Greenland and Antarctica.

SEIS-UK team 

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