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Petrophysics Uncovered

Petrophysics Uncovered (P.Unc) aims to improve the level of understanding of petrophysical concepts through the delivery of an interactive e-book that is easily accessible, Web-based and is designed for, both iOS and Android platforms for mobile devices. It will provide knowledge exchange between academia, industry and society.

Petrophysics Uncovered (P.Unc) is a project aiming to introduce a consistent petrophysical vocabulary and to explore key petrophysical concepts through interactive visuals and text. In such form the key concepts of petrophysics can be investigated by the reader to the desired depth and level of detail.

This NERC-funded project aims to deliver a clearly articulated set of focused petrophysical terms for reference by petroleum geoscience professionals and it is being developed through collaboration with industry professionals and academics.

Petrophysics is at the center of the oil and gas industry providing quantitative data linking geological and engineering models that enable the volume of oil and gas to be calculated. Various interpretations of the fundamental petrophysical parameters and concepts across petroleum geoscience professionals may lead to significant misunderstandings and costly mistakes. A clearly defined and consistent petrophysical vocabulary is therefore a prerequisite for the effective communication between petroleum geoscientists, operators, service companies, professional trainers and consultants.

The research group working on Petrophysics Uncovered seeks to address this need through the delivery of an interactive e-book that will help to improve understanding of petrophysical concepts presenting them in a digital, easily approachable and engaging fashion.

The intention of the research group is to develop this pilot project into a more substantial collaborative project with industry (JIP) to deliver a virtual learning environment for industry.

The Petrophysics Uncovered team:

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