Professor Stewart Fishwick

Professor in Geophysics & Head of School

School/Department: Geography Geology & The Environment, School of

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I am currently Head of School in Geography, Geology & the Environment, and working with the School to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment that stimulates a diverse range of staff and students to thrive, and to experience work and study as enjoyable and inspiring.  Prior to taking on this role, I was Director of Learning & Teaching as the School formed through the combination of Geography and Geology departments.

My own research interests continue to be focused on the use of seismology to understand the structure of the upper part of the Earth's subsurface.  Previous work has been focused on both Australia and the African continent, and I am currently involved in two active collaborative projects in Zambia and Uganda.  Alongside being Head of School, I'm also the contract holder for the Leicester node of the NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility - Seis UK.

I continue to teach across a range of undergraduate modules (from 1st year, through to specialist integrated masters modules) and also have a longstanding involvement in the University's international foundation year programme, where I am Chair of the Academic Advisory Committee.


My primary research has involved using seismology to understand the structure and evolution of the lithosphere and upper mantle.  Interests cross the whole geological timespan - from contrasts in lithospheric structure within Precambrian Shields, through to understanding controls on present day plate tectonics.  The majority of my work has been using tomographic techniques, particularly with data from surface waves, and I have looked at approaches to improve the reliability of the resulting models through careful data processing.

The Australian and African continents have been a focus for many of my studies, and this has led to a wide range of collaborations with researchers from across the globe.  In many cases, the tomographic models that I have developed help provide constraints on upper mantle (lithospheric) structure, that can be used in assessing wider tectonic questions (e.g. nature of continental rifting, controls on seismicity, links to mineral deposits, and dynamic changes in topography).  

Currently, I am involved in two active projects.  1) As a project partner on the NSF Frontier Research in Earth Sciences programme investigating "Dry Rifting in the Albertine-Rhino graben (DRIAR), Uganda". 2) As a co-investigator on the NERC funded "Copper Basin Exploration Science (CuBES)" programme in Zambia


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I am happy to act as a primary supervisor for PhD projects focused on using passive (earthquake) seismology techniques to investigate crustal and upper mantle structure. 

While my own current research focus is on the region of the East African Rift System, I am co-supervising a PhD project that will initially focus on the dynamics beneath Mongolia (and central Asia more generally), a recent student has just finished a project looking at data from Thailand, and I've previously done lots of work on Australia.  So, the region of interest for a project is not limited to anywhere particular, it's about the data available and the question / topic that needs to be addressed.


I have taught across all years of our undergraduate (BSc and MGeol) degrees.  This currently includes supervision of dissertations and projects alongside modules including:

1st year: Introductory geophysics / large scale Earth structure
1st year: Introductory geological field course (currently to the Isle of Arran)

2nd year: Structure & Tectonics - introducing the use of GIS to illustrate regional tectonics

3rd year: Planetary Science

4th year: Global Seismology

Press and media

I have previously talked about earthquakes and seismology with the media.  This has ranged from brief comments on seismicity offshore from Indonesia in relation to the potential for tsunami's, to a more sustained involvement in supporting our students in the Vardyquake project - looking at the seismic signature of the crowd noise associated with Leicester's amazing title winning season of 2015-16. 

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