Geography at Leicester

Research degrees

We offer research degrees at PhD and MPhil level, all of which can be undertaken on either a full- or part-time basis.

If you are interested in studying for a PhD or MPhil, please make informal enquiries to

Geographic knowledge and skills help make sense of the complex and dynamic world that we inhabit in the 21st Century. Geography helps to explain the formation of places and landscapes, the interactions between environment and people and the many interconnections between economies, societies and cultures.

Increasingly, we have to be able to think spatially using maps, images and other sources of data. We have to be able to formulate questions, collect, process and analyse data. We have to make sense of trends, patterns and anomalies and effectively communicate this to politicians, scientists, and the public. The training you will gain from a Leicester research degree will enable you to benefit from this range of sought-after skills.

Geography is also relevant for personal and social development, including self-motivation, interpersonal skills, confidence-building, project design and implementation, critical analysis and debate. As a Leicester Geography research postgraduate you will develop practical and academic skills, communication skills (written and oral) and a sophisticated spatial awareness.

Research topics

We offer a supportive and vibrant research environment in which to conduct doctoral research. We provide expert supervision and associated support and training in a diverse range of innovative and cutting-edge research themes which span physical and human geography and associated disciplines. Our research broadly falls within two thematic groups:

  • Landscape and Climate Research
  • Critical and Creative Geographies

Applicants can also propose their own research topics. Browse our current PhD students and their research interests.


Funding is available through a range of schemes.

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