Geography at Leicester


Geography at Leicester is widely recognised as having an established international reputation for the provision of high-quality graduate programmes.

We provide specialist training in a range of areas to prepare you fully for careers in business, planning and management, as active decision makers in national and international organisations, and as productive scientists in research institutions and academia.

We have a large, vibrant and friendly postgraduate community housed in modern facilities with dedicated computer access. 

Available degrees

Geographical Information Science MSc (with optional industry placement)
1-2 years, full-time or part-time

This degree looks at the systems and software used to analyse geographic data. GIS is an increasingly important field, with real-world applications in areas like business, modelling, environmental protection, forecasting and regional planning.

The quality of our GIS programme is reflected in its professional accreditation (RICS).

Environmental Futures MSc
1-2 years, full-time or part-time

This is for you if... you want to develop critical, applied understanding of contemporary environmental challenges and prospective solutions, drawing on theories, approaches and methods from across Geography and Earth Sciences.

Satellite Data Science MSc (with optional industry placement)
1-2 years, full-time or part-time

Satellite observations of the Earth provide us with detailed information about the natural environment and allow us to monitor how humans are altering the planet. This degree gives a broad-based education in data analytics techniques suitable for careers in data science in multiple sectors.

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