Centre for Regional and Local History



  • GREENHOWE, Priscilla. "I do belong to Mattishall': Obtaining poor relief from Mattishall, Norfolk, c. 1750-1834


  • BATMAN, Phil. A comparison of kinship family survival in York and in the nineteenth century.
  • MITCHELL, Chris. Roger of Hereford's 'Liber de arte astronomice iudicandi': England's first astrology textbook?
  • SUTHERLAND, Alister. Peasant seals and sealing practices in eastern England, c. 1200-1500


  • BLACKLAWS, Nicola. The twentieth-century Poor Law in the midlands and Wales, 1900-1930.
  • BONNETTE-ANDERSON, Denise. The culture of Anglican Church redundancy: Leicestershire and Lincolnshire, 1945-1995.
  • GADD, Trixie. "Tis my lot by faith to be sustained" clerical prosperity in seventeenth century Dorset
  • LAMPERT, Jodie. An investigation of differentiation between Cornwall and Devon based on history, surnames and Y-chromosomes
  • MCMULLON, Sadie. Migration to Fletton 1841-1911 : an exploration of family migration, the creation of community and social mobility through marriage.


  • BEALE, Stewart. The experience of war widows during and after the British civil wars, with particular reference to the Midlands.
  • BRIDGER, Katie. Place, landscape and gentry identity in late Medieval Leicestershire, c.1460-1560.
  • SIDE, Chris. Transient industrialization: needle-making in nineteenth-century Hathersage
  • STONES, Ann. The boundaries of Medieval Charnwood Forest through the lens of the longue duree.


  • BLAKE, Matthew. Stories from the edge: creating an identity in early Medieval northwest Staffordshire.
  • CROWDEN, Hilary. Rutland: the development of a county community in the modern age.
  • GILBERT, Michael. The changing landscape and economy of Wisbech Hundred, 1250-1550.
  • ROWLING, Jane. Farming community and identity in Lower Wharfedale, Yorkshire, 1914-1951
  • TALBOT, Richard. The north-south divide of poverty in a north Staffordshire industrial conurbation, 1870-1901.
  • WATKINSON, Martin. The micro-history of a Lincolnshire parish: Humberston, 1750-1850.
  • WORTHEN, Hannah. The experience of war widows in mid seventeenth-century England, with special reference to Kent and Sussex.


  • HARLEY, Joseph N. Material lives of the English poor: a regional perspective, c.1670-1834.
  • LOVE, Robert. Policing and police reform in a rural county: Somerset, c.1830-1856.
  • MONKS, Geoffrey. The country house and the professionalisation of estate management, 1700-1914.


  • BAILEY, Ian. Unifiers and dividers in a North Staffordshire parish: Audley, 1840-1939.
  • BRUETON, Anna. Illegitimacy in South Wales, 1660-1870.
  • COVENEY, Natasha. Moated sites in Medieval England : a reassessment.
  • DUCK, Jonathan. The profane and the sacred : expressions of belief in the domestic buildings of Southern Fenland, circa 1500 to 1700 AD.
  • HARRIS, Maureen. Schismatical people : conflict between clergy and laity in Warwickshire, 1660-1720.
  • HARVEY, Ben. Pauper narratives in the Welsh borders, 1790-1840.
  • HEATON, Michael. English interwar farming: a study of the financial outcomes of individual farms, 1919-1939.


  • BEARDMORE, Carol. The rural community through the eyes of the land agent on the Marquis of Anglesey's Dorset and Somerset estate: William Castleman and his sons, c.1812-1854.
  • BROWN, Alison. Social history of Scottish homicide, 1836-1869.


  • CAMPBELL, Drew. The politics of canal construction: the Ashby canal, 1781-1804.
  • DOCKERILL, Bertie. Local government reform, urban expansion and identity: Nottingham and Derby, 1945-1968.
  • HOOKER, Geoffrey. Llandilofawr Poor Law Union, 1836-1886: 'The most difficult union in Wales'.
  • KILBY, Susan. Encountering the environment: rural communities in England, 1086-1348.
  • TAYLOR-MOORE, Kim. Borderlands: the Buckinghamshire / Northamptonshire border, c.650-1350.


  • ALLAN, Elizabeth. Chepyng Walden / Saffron Walden, 1439-1490: a small town.
  • BROWN, Graham Roger. Stanley Abbey and its estates, 1150- c.1640.


  • DE BELIN, Mandy. Transitional hunting landscapes: deer hunting and foxhunting in Northamptonshire, 1600-1850.

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