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The Centre holds copies of all dissertations undertaken by its alumni; they can be read by arrangement with Centre staff*. Over 100 of our PhD theses are now also available digitised by the University Library.

*please note that due to our recent move, dissertations held by the Centre are not viewable at this time.

PhD students

Browse this list of our current and recent PhD students.


  • Paul Shaw, A New Approach to Understanding Anglo-Scandinavian Settlement and Agrarian Practice Utilising Analysis of Terroir. AHRC M4C-funded
  • Matthew Tuohy, The Landscape History of Willey Hundred, Bedfordshire
  • Harry Wilkinson, The Night in Anglo-Saxon England. AHRC M3C-funded

Early Modern

  • Oresta Muckute, Narratives of Loss in the Civil Wars in Ireland, Wales and England compared: 1641-1652. AHRC M4C CDP-funded
  • Veena Patel, Water, Healing and the Reformation in England, 1520-1680. University of Leicester, GTA-funded
  • David Russell, Stretching the Evidence: an Examination of the English Landscape through GIS, 1573-1700. AHRC M4C-funded
  • Rachel Small, Food, Identity and Humoral Theory in Early Modern England. AHRC M3C-funded
  • Diane Strange, ‘The contempt and reproach of this nation’: Widows, Orphans and the Jacobean Court of Wards.. AHRC M3C-funded
  • Elizabeth van Wessem, ‘Because thereon in great measure depend the success and belief of their office’: Clergy-Lay Relationships in Seventeenth-Century Herefordshire. AHRC M3C-funded
  • Verne Walker, 'Women's work in the British Civil Wars in England and Wales, 1630-1655'


  • Alison Browne, A Social History of Scottish Homicide, 1840-1869
  • Prisca Greenhow, Pauper Letters and Poor Relief in Mattishall, Norfolk
  • Jordan Harris, Bi-Racial People in Nineteenth-Century Britain
  • Isobel Moore, Crime Reporting in the Provincial Press in the Nineteenth Century: A Study of Two Essex Newspapers, 1850-1900
  • Brenda Mortimer, Petitions for Mercy to Robert Peel, 1822-1827
  • Paul John Owens, The Social and Ecclesiastical Significance of Church Seating Plans, 1700-1900
  • Kimberley Pullen, The Old Poor Law, Enclosure and Social Change in Leicestershire and Rutland, 1700-1834. AHRC-funded
  • John Pullin, The Locomotive Drivers: The Working and Domestic Lives of the Men who Drove the Trains, 1850-1885
  • Julian Raynor, London Homicides, 1750-1900

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