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Older theses


  • BRAMMER, B. The Holland Fen: social and topographical changes in a Fenland environment, 1750-1945.
  • SEAL, Christine. Poor relief and welfare: a comparative study of the Belper and Cheltenham poor law unions, 1780-1914.


  • COOPER, Kathryn J. Cardiganshire's rural exodus : a study of nineteenth century migration.
  • NEGRINE, Angela. Medicine and poverty: a study of the poor law medical services of the Leicester union, 1867-1914.


  • FEATHERBY, Rupert. Partible inheritance: the family's contribution to Swaledale's ruin?
  • FISHER, Pamela Jane. The politics of sudden death: the office and role of the coroner in England and Wales, 1726-1888.
  • HOLMES, David Andrew. Development of the East Midlands boot and shoe industry in a national perspective, 1815-1914.


  • ITO, Kota. The making of the civic community: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1850-1900.
  • MCLOUGHLIN, Vanessa. Medieval Rothley, Leicestershire: manor, soke and parish.
  • SHEPPARD, David. Techniques for reconstructing landscapes: a study of Allesley, Coundon and Stoneleigh parishes in the Warwickshire Arden.
  • TOMPKINS, Matthew. Peasant society in a Midlands manor, Great Horwood 1400-1600.
  • TOWNSEND, Claire. Town, county and region: spatial integration in the East Midlands, 1700-1830.


  • CORDLE, Celia Elizabeth. Hop cultivation and marketing: Wealden Kent and Southwark, 1744-2000.
  • CROSSAN, Rose-Marie Anne. Guernsey, 1814-1914: migration in a modernising society.
  • HUNT, Ian D. J. Rural production in transition: three parishes around Coleorton Moor, north-west Leicestershire, c.1650-1850


  • DAVIS, Vernon Edward Lloyd. Charnwood Forest: population, landownership and environmental perception, c.1775-1914.
  • THORNTON, Michael John. Rural society in the manor courts of Northamptonshire, 1350-1500. Ph.D.


  • LEE, Robert James. Encountering and managing the poor: rural society and the Anglican clergy in Norfolk, 1815-1914.
  • MARSTON, Lynn. The town of Glastonbury, c.1086-1400.
  • UPTON, Anthony A. Parochial clergy of the Archdeaconry of Coventry, c. 1500-1600. Ph.D.


  • BROWN, Elaine. Working-class education and illiteracy in Leicester, 1780-1870.
  • FOX, Alan William. The Leicestershire-Lincolnshire border in the eighteenth century: a cultural frontier?
  • PAUL, Elizabeth Derryan. The care of country churches in Herefordshire, c.1662-1762, with special reference to the archdeaconry of Hereford and the capitular peculiars.
  • UPTON, Penelope Jayne George. Change and decay: the Warwickshire manors of the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield from the late thirteenth to the late sixteenth centuries.


  • MASTERS, Philip John. Church, land and lordship in West Sussex, 680-1200.
  • PHILLIPS, Sibyl Margaretta. Women and evangelical religion in Kent and Northamptonshire, 1800-1850.
  • PINCHES, Sylvia Margaret. Charities in Warwickshire in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
  • SMITH, John Butland. The governance of Wolverhampton, 1848-1888.
  • STUART, Denis G. The early Quaker movement in Staffordshire, 1651-1743: from open fellowship to closed sect.


  • BARKER, Anne E. Medieval landscape and settlement in the Dengie Hundred of Essex.
  • HURREN, Elizabeth T. The 'Bury-al Board': poverty, politics and poor relief in the Brixworth Union, Northamptonshire, c.1870-1900.
  • ROBINSON-PYNE, Elizabeth Mary. Rugby working women: choices and experiences, 1920-1950.


  • STARR, Christopher. The Essex gentry, 1381-1450.
  • VERDON, Nicola. Changing patterns of female employment in rural England c. 1790-1890.
  • VIALLS, Christine Mary. The laws of settlement: their impact on the poor inhabitants of the Daventry area of Northamptonshire, 1750-1834.


  • CROCKETT, Alasdair Charles. A secularising geography? Patterns and processes of religious change in England and Wales, 1676-1851.
  • HARRISON, J. D. The composite manor of Brent: a study of a large wetland-edge estate up to 1350.
  • HILL, Trevor G. From packhorse to railway: changing transport systems from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries and their impact upon trade and industry in the Shropshire area.
  • PARKIN, Kate. Courts and the community: reconstructing the fourteenth-century peasant society of Wisbech Hundred, Cambridgeshire, from manor court rolls.
  • ROLLINGS, Anthony. Aspects of Anglo-Saxon history in the East Midlands with special reference to the lower Soar valley.


  • THOMPSON, Michael Gry. The Polden Hill manors of Glastonbury Abbey: land and people c. 1260-1351.


  • JONES, Graham Roderick. Church dedications and landed units of lordship and administration in the pre-Reformation Diocese of Worcester.


  • BOWMAN, Paul. Settlement, territory and land use in the East Midlands: the Langton hundred, c. 150 B.C. - c. A.D. 1350.
  • BROWN, Margery Ellen. Aspects of parliamentary enclosure in Nottinghamshire.


  • CARPENTER, Rebecca May. Peasants and stockingers: socio-economic change in Guthlaxton Hundred, Leicestershire, 1700-1851.
  • PEBERDY, Robert Bernard. The economy, society and government of a small town in late medieval England: a study of Henley-on-Thames from c.1300 to c.1540.


  • NIX, Michael. A maritime history of the ports of Bideford and Barnstaple, 1786-1841.
  • STORM, Alan. Family and maritime community: Robin Hood's Bay, c. 1653 - c. 1867.


  • KISSOCK, Jonathan Andrew. The origins of the village in South Wales: a study in landscape archaeology.
  • MILES, Joyce C. The rise of suburban Exeter and the naming of its streets and houses, c.1801-1907.
  • MOIR, James. "A world unto themselves"? Squatter settlement in Herefordshire, 1780-1880.


  • CHRISTMAS, Evelyn A. The growth of Gloucester, 1820-1851: tradition and innovation in a county town.
  • LORD, Evelyn. Spatial and social inter-action in south-east Surrey, 1750-1850.


  • ADAMS, John. Working class organisation, industrial relations and the labour unrest, 1914-21.
  • CARTER, Mary Patricia. An urban society and its hinterland: St Ives in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.
  • STEDMAN, John O. A very indifferent small city: the economy of Carlisle, 1550-1700.
  • THORNTON, Christopher Charles. The demesne of Rimpton, 938-1412: a study in economic development.


  • ANDREW, Alison. The working class and education in Preston, 1830-1870.
  • BERRY, Anthony John Richard. Northampton: a study of town expansion, political structures and processes.


  • MITSON, Anne. Social, economic and kinship networks in rural southwest Nottinghamshire, c.1580-1700.


  • DAVIES, R. A. Community, parish, and poverty: Old Swinford, 1660-1730.


  • GRAHAM, Malcolm. The suburbs of Victorian Oxford: growth in a preindustrial city.


  • BRANDWOOD, Geoffrey K. Church building and restoration in Leicestershire, 1800-1914.
  • PAWLEY, Simon. Lincolnshire coastal villages and the sea c.1300-1600: economy and society.


  • BRINDLE, P. R. Politics and society in Northamptonshire, 1649-1714.
  • RIDGARD, John M. The local history of Worlingworth, Suffolk, to c.1400 A.D.


  • WARNER, P. M. Blything Hundred: a study in the development of settlement, A.D. 400-1400.
  • WRIGHT, Susan J. Family life and society in sixteenth and early seventeenth-century Salisbury.


  • FLEMING, David. A local market system: Melton Mowbray and the Wreake valley, 1549-1720.
  • TRINDER, Barrie Stuart. The social and economic history of Banbury between 1830 and 1880.


  • KING, W. The economic and demographic development of Rossendale, c.1650-1795.


  • GOODACRE, John. Lutterworth in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: a market town and its area.


  • TEALL, Dennis Gordon. The corporation and tradesmen of Stamford, 1461-1649, with an indication of developments until 1750.


  • POUND, John F. Government and society in Tudor and Stuart Norwich, 1525-1675.


  • BIGMORE, Peter G. Suffolk settlement: a study in continuity.
  • REED, Michael. Ipswich in the seventeenth century.


  • PETCHEY, William John. The borough of Maldon, Essex, 1500-1688 : a study in sixteenth and seventeenth century urban history.
  • RAVENSDALE, J.R. The historical evolution of the landscape of three north villages: Landbeach, Cottenham and Waterbeach, A.D. 450-1850.


  • HEY, David G. A Shropshire woodland community: Myddle, 1524-1701.


  • COX, R. C. W. Urban development and redevelopment in Croydon, 1835-1940.
  • RHODES, John N. The London lead company in North Wales, 1693-1792.
  • SPUFFORD, Margaret. People, land and literacy in Cambridgeshire in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


  • REDMONDS, George. The development of West Riding surnames from the thirteenth to the Twentieth centuries.


  • HORN, Pamela L. R. Agricultural labourers' trade unionism in four Midland counties, 1860-1900.


  • FREEBODY, Nina K. A history of Scraptoft, Leicestershire. Volume 1 -Thesis Volume 2 - Maps and photographs
  • WILLIAMS, Moelwyn I. Agriculture and society in Glamorgan, 1660-1760.


  • DRINKALL, J.T. The life and interests of the Rev. Sir Richard Kay, Bt., LL.D., F.R.S., F.S.A: an eighteenth-century pluralist.
  • IREDALE, D. A. Canal settlement: a study of the origin and growth of the canal settlement at Barnton in Cheshire between 1775 and 1845.
  • WEST, Frederick. The social and economic history of the east fen village of Wrangle, 1603-1837.


  • SAUNDERS, Ann. The manor of Tyburn and the Regent's Park, 1086-1965.


  • HART, Cyril E. The history of the Forest of Dean as a timber-producing Forest.


  • FAITH, Rosamond. The peasant land-market in Berkshire during the later Middle Ages.


  • PARKER, L. A. Enclosure in Leicestershire, 1485-1607.

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