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  • FAIRMAN, T. The effects of the Civil War on the Framland Hundred, 1637-1646 : a military, religious and socio-economic study.


  • COTTON, E. "I am eternally reminded of you' : love, loss and longing amongst the Robinson siblings, 1758-92
  • GREANY, D. "We Did Not Go" ; Domestic Sociability in an Early Nineteenth-Century Provincial Town
  • SOMEKH, Judy The Left Behind: The Story of the Wives of Convicts Transported from Britain to Australia, 1830- 1850.


  • BAILEY, Juliet Gamekeepers in Victorian and Edwardian England: An Exploration
  • WALKER, Verne "Born on the Shire Hall Stairs": The Irish in Pembrokeshire, 1533-1650


  • BROOKES, J. Shaping Worfield: lordly avarice, neighbourhood watch or wider forces: social change in rural Shropshire, 1440-1660.
  • COOLEY, S. "Tenne peeces of pewter" : Material Culture in Early Modern Wales
  • COYNE, A. "The Wool, the Lamb and the Flock", a study of Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, during the fourteenth century.
  • DONEGANI, K.L. Apprenticeship in Leicestershire in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • IMMINS, P. The experience of a working-class woman: Leicester in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
  • LODGE, J. Brutality replaced by Brains. Lowdham Grange Borstal 1930 to 1939: Rediscovering a forgotten regime


  • BOURNE, S. Bolton, parish conflict and the legacy of the English Revolution, 1640-1680.
  • BRYCELAND, M. The new village of South Wigston, 1880-1910: the place, the people and the communities.
  • PARKER, J. Proto-industrialization and family life: an examination of the framework knitting industry in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, from the 1851 census.
  • RUSSELL, D. Merely a lake? The fluidity of Whittlesey Mere in medieval and early modern England
  • SHAW, P. Terroir and tradition: how farming choice influenced settlement in Leicestershire's Wreake valley


  • HARGREAVES, S. Population and society in Hopton, a township in Derbyshire, 1660-1705.
  • HARVEY, B. Service and mobility.


  • BROWN, L. Power, charity and brotherly love: local government and society in two Essex towns: Thaxted and Braintree, 1580-1660.
  • NORTON, A. A viewshed analysis of castle roles in the Early Norman English landscape using East Midlands Case Studies.


  • EVANS, J. The ethnic sense of the English in nineteenth-century emigrants' letters.
  • HANLEY, K. Leicester: the metropolis of Dissent by 1848?
  • HARGREAVES, P. Physicians in seventeenth-century Northamptonshire.
  • JONES, T. An examination of the tripartite relationship between women, clothing and emancipation during the period 1890-1920s: what factors influenced changes to female clothing and did this expedite female emancipation?
  • PULLIN, J. The LBSCR drivers: a study of the engine drivers employed by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, 1850-1885
  • ROUND, L. "Be kindly affectioned to one another": love and parish politics in Stanton Lacy, Shropshire
  • LAWRENSON, D. The decline of medieval market towns in Norfollk.
  • SUTHERLAND, A. Using manorial custumals to explore the peasant experience in medieval England, c.1251-1354


  • BLACKLAWS, N. Outdoor relief in Blaby poor law union: Leicestershire, c. 1916-1926.
  • BUTLER, A. Leicester's cultural catastrophe: an investigation into the complete closure of Leicester's professional theatres in the 1950s.
  • COTTON, C. "Black Roods, Rang Back and Dob Headland": a study of Thrussington field-names.
  • HAMMOND, P. The effect of improvement in north-west Leicestershire : Lockington, Long Whatton and Kegworth, 1750-1800.
  • HAWORTH, C. The origin and development of the street plan of Oakham in John Speed's town plan.
  • LEONARD, P. Poor relief in Stow in Lindsey, 1750-1833.
  • MARSHALL, A. The psyche of the landowner and the development of the country house estate: an examination of the woodland and avenues at Boughton House, 1700-1750.
  • RILEY, J. Holmfirth: a study in regional and local identity and community.
  • ROBINSON, D. Charnwood Forest and its visitors, 1500-1900
  • SHEA, K. A comparative study of the feminization of the teaching profession in United Kingdom and United States of America from 1890 to 1930.
  • SPIERS, A. Bread supplied for London, 1750-1830.
  • TAYLOR, J. A national phenomenon in local context: Victorian church restorations in Nottinghamshire.


  • ALLEY WILBUR, E. A humble petition: Lancashire war widows, 1642-1679.
  • EMERY, J. "The future beckons bright": senses of place and placelessness in the Newark and Sherwood coalfield, c.1960s to present.
  • FAGG, J. Occupation, migration and the elderly: aspects of life in three Worcestershire parishes, 1871-1901.
  • GIBSON, N.H. Comparing poor relief in the parishes of Wallsend and Longbenton, 1750-1850.
  • MEE, R. "Leaden heels, but iron hands": prosecution associations in Derbyshire, 1703-2013.
  • MUSGRAVE, D. The River Soar and Leicester: a neglected relationship.
  • POULTON, W. The parish of West Langton in the Age of Improvement: a study based on a 'Book of Accounts and Memorandums' for 1819-1822 written by William Price, farmer and grazier of West Langton, Leicestershire.
  • TONGE, H. Social mobility in later medieval England: the Pouger family and their kinship and patronage networks.


  • BLAND, J. The impact of a coal mine on a small Warwickshire agricultural community: the creation of a hybrid society.
  • BONNETTE-ANDERSON, D. (ISS) The social implications of church seating in Buckinghamshire.
  • BRIDGER, K. The impact of gentry family identity and power on the landscape of West Goscote and Sparkenhoe Hundreds, 1461-1500.
  • CAWS, S. Continuity or change? The Isle of Wight and the Agricultural Revolution, 1750-1850.
  • GADD, T. (ISS) St George, Gloucestershire, 1750-1850: social and economic relations in a marginal parish.
  • GARDINER, J. A canal in context : the development and impact of the Cromford Canal 1783-1852.
  • GRISTWOOD, H. Puerperal insanity: a study of women admitted to the county asylums at Brookwood in Surrey, Colney Hatch in Middlesex and Knowle in Hampshire between the years 1870 and 1900.
  • MOSS, S. The Embroiderers' Guild, 1906-2012: elitist, exclusive and outmoded or professional, influential and avant-garde?
  • MULCAHEY, K. Perceptions of peddling: a study of the reputation of Hawkers and Pedlars, 1780 to 1914.
  • PATERSON, M. Sir Nathan Wright, 1653-1721, Recorder of Leicester, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, and his 'Notebook'.
  • RICHARDS, D. The culture of nonconformity in Castle Donington, 1650-1950.
  • STONES, A. Estate mentalities: changing sense of place on a Leicester council estate, 1947-2012.
  • WALTON, C. Coal and wood in late medieval Coleorton and some surrounding manors.


  • BATMAN, P. (ISS) The survival of rural core families: Bolton Percy and Poppleton in the Ainsty of York from Enclosure to the Second World War.
  • BEARDMORE, C. (ISS) The rural community through the eyes of the land-agent.
  • BROWNESS, S. Witnesses to change: early domestic travel writing in the Fens.
  • CHARLESWORTH, D. The development of the churches and their landscapes in northwest Gloucestershire, 1000-1300.
  • FRENCH, P.R. The 'making' of a local regiment: a case study of the Leicestershire regiment and its antecedents, c.1770-1902.
  • HARVEY, B. Swinton, south Yorkshire -a very 'northern' parish? Pauper narratives, 1799-1837.
  • HORTON, B. (ISS) The Kidderminster carpet weaver: his migration response to the technological change from hand loom to power loom weaving between 1851 and 1881.
  • LEEDHAM, A. Gravestones and identity from the five ancient parish churches and churchyards of Leicester.
  • QUINN, N. Rates and reform: the Lancaster poor law union, 1870-1911.
  • SIDE, C. (ISS) Migration from the Wiltshire village of Chute during the nineteenth century.
  • WELLER, V. Coercion, compliance or conversion? The impact of religious change in north-east Warwickshire between 1530 and 1559.
  • WHITING, A. (ISS) Merely 'mechanical', 'ministerial' and 'menial', or much, much more? What was the role of professional attorneys in late thirteenth-century litigation as revealed by evidence from the 1268 Buckinghamshire eyre?


  • HEATON, M. (ISS) The influence of Parliamentary Enclosure on Grassing-Down in Northamptonshire.
  • JAKEWAY, J. (ISS) Manifestations of madness: a study of the patients of Norfolk County Asylum, 1846-1870.
  • JONES, R. (ISS) The collapse of Luddism in the West Riding, 1811-13.
  • KILBY, Susan A different world? Reconstructing the peasant environment in medieval Elton.
  • O'DONNELL, R. Beyond the origins debate: developing dynamic models of Leicestershire open fields.
  • PARRY, J. (ISS) The marriage market in market towns: Diss and Guildford in the Commonwealth.
  • PEARSON, H. Of cows, ploughs and more than a few sheep: an oral history of farming in Walton-on-theWolds, 1939-2010.
  • PHIPPS, S. (ISS) Schoolmistresses in Swindon, 1870-1902.
  • ROWLEY, J. W. "Interference from people that don't know sod all". A twentieth century oral history study of farmers' experiences with outside bodies in Lower Wharfdale, Yorkshire.
  • SEGRT, M. Oxfordshire landscapes of myth and legend: perceived landscapes and landscapes of belief.
  • SHIPMAN, P. An investigation into the early development and running of Countesthorpe cottage homes and the education and welfare of Leicester pauper children under the Poor Law, 1881-1914.
  • WILEMAN, D. (ISS) The pauper and parish policy: Southwell Union, 1820-1850.

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