School of Engineering


Student workshop

Specifically designed for students to develop practical skills, and for use in project work. Traditional manufacturing equipment including drills, lathes, and milling machines are available, along with rapid prototyping equipment including a laser cutter, and 3D printers.

Advanced Microscopy Facility

A range of modern electron microscopes allow materials and surfaces to be interrogated down to the nanometre scale.

Charles Wilson Wind Tunnel

A closed-loop wind tunnel that can be used for both environmental fluid mechanics, and aerodynamics testing. Students can use this facility as part of Year 3 and Year 4 projects. Current projects include morphing wings for aircraft applications, and integration of a rolling road into the tunnel.

Formula Student

An extra-curricular activity supported by the School of Engineering. Students design, manufacture and test a racing vehicle in order to compete at the annual Formula Student event. Follow @UoLRacing on Twitter.

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