School of Engineering

Engineering Seminars

Engineering Tissue: the role of structure - Dr Jenny Shepherd

Date: Wednesday 11 March 2020
Time: 2.00pm
Location: MacLellan room, Engineering building, University of Leicester

Abstract: Tissue engineering scaffolds often demonstrate structural homogeneity, yet the native tissue we hope to replicate is very far from homogeneous. This talk considers how we may alter the structure of collagen based scaffolds in order to more closely mimic the structure and function of natural tissue. The significance of structure is demonstrated in 2 case studies, the development of a scaffold for implantation after meniscectomy and a scaffold designed for use in a lab-based system for blood platelet production. The talk then proceeds to consider some of the potential future research directions.

In situ high temperature X-ray tomography investigations of evolving microstructures in metallic materials - Dr. Mohammed Abdul Azeem

Date: Wednesday 18 March 2020
Time: 3.00pm 
Location: Engineering LT1, Engineering building, University of Leicester

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