Research Involving Animals – Division of Biomedical Services

Collaboration and contract research

Animal models for researchers

High quality, technically sophisticated animal models for preclinical and basic research are essential for excellent science. We can help refine your ideas into a well-powered, ethically validated experimental plan that encompasses a range of diverse workflows. In addition, we can help you chose whether a collaborative or contract research relationship provides the best outcome for your research goals. We provide bespoke regulatory support to ensure full compliance with the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986. All consultation, collaboration and service work is supported by the University of Leicester’s contracts team and intellectual properties offices to ensure that everyone involved is working towards a well-defined objective.

Animal facility support services

The University of Leicester’s Pre-clinical Research Facility can support your animal operations by providing colony maintenance, breeding services, quarantine and cryopreservation/re-derivation for select species.

Please contact Dr Sarah Glenn or John E Pearl, PhD for further information.

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