Research Involving Animals – Division of Biomedical Services

Work experience placements

Unfortunately, due to these unprecedented times we are currently experiencing, we are unable to offer on-site work experience placements during this academic year.  If you wish to speak to a member of the management team to receive an overview via a telephone call of the work carried out in the Preclinical Research Facility, please contact

Work experience placements can be offered between 1 - 5 days during a working week. This is aimed at students particularly studying sciences at A Level. However, if students have a particular interest in working with animals in a laboratory environment we would also be happy to accommodate such requests.

Placement history 

In February 2019, a student in their second year of A Levels had an interest in Genetics and spent a week with us. During that time, they received the following experience:

  • full induction that included health and safety requirements and tour of the facility
  • shadowed animal technicians with a number of difference species: rats, fish and rabbits
  • learnt how to health check an animal and helped in tasks such as replenishing water bottles
  • tour of the imaging facility

During the summer of 2018 we were joined by a student studying veterinary medicine for a week's work experience.

See what they had to say about their work experience placement:

"Currently I am studying veterinary medicine at the University of Edinburgh and have just completed my first year of the five year course. As a part of the degree vet students must do animal husbandry placements, working with a variation of different animal species. I decided to do my small mammal placement at the facility in Leicester because I’m interested in going into research in the future and I wanted to learn more about something I didn’t know much about beforehand. I really enjoyed learning about techniques used in animal handling and it was nice to be given many opportunities to practice this. I am very pleased I was able to spend a week at the facility as I feel I got a lot out of the placement."

Two students (GCSE and A Level) joined us in July 2018 to gain some experience in working in a research environment for the day. They covered the following:

  • introduction on the law and ethics regarding using animals in research
  • health and safety
  • introduction to the imaging facility
  • full tour of the unit
  • transgenic services information
  • spent time with technicians in the rat and fish rooms

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