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Meet our Academic Leads 专业负责人

Our team of world-leading experts and programme leaders will guide and support students at the Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology across three degree programmes. Our leads will allow you to learn from and engage with pioneering researchers at the forefront of their fields and who are actively shaping debate and influencing change.


Dr Kal Karim, Chemistry Programme Lead

Kal Karim 博士,化学专业负责人

Dr Kal Karim is an Associate Professor of Organic and Computational Chemistry in the School of Chemistry at the University of Leicester and is part of the Chemical Biology Group.

卡尔·克里姆 博士是莱斯特大学化学学院有机化学与计算化学副教授,也是化学生物科研团队成员。

Associate Professor Karim obtained his BSc (Hon) (1990) and PhD (1995) from University of Essex (Colchester, UK) and joined the School of Chemistry in 2013 after working at Cranfield University where he was an academic for 15 years. Associate Professor Karim is internationally recognised for his work on the computational design of synthetic receptors and has authored over 60 publications in the design of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) in the areas of sensors and diagnostics in clinical, environmental and food application areas.  His currently research interests are on predictive design of nanoparticles for diagnostics and therapeutic applications.

克里姆副教授分别于 1990年与1995年在英国艾斯克斯大学获得学士与博士学位。在英国克兰菲尔德大学做了15年的研究学者之后于2013年加入莱斯特大学化学学院。克里姆副教授因其在合成受体的计算设计方面的工作而获得国际认可,并在临床、环境和食品应用领域的传感器和诊断领域的分子印迹聚合物(MIPs)设计方面发表了60多篇论文。他目前的研究兴趣是诊断和治疗应用的纳米颗粒的预测设计。

Dr Mohammed Abdul Azeem, Mechanical Engineering Programme Lead


PhD (2013), Materials, Imperial college London 博士(2013年),材料,帝国理工学院,伦敦

MSc (2006), Materials, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 理学硕士(2006年),材料,印度科学院,班加罗尔

BEng (2002), National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India 工程学士(2002年),国立理工学院,卡纳塔克邦,印度

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Dr Azeem’s core research involves understanding microstructure-property correlations in metallic alloys, intermetallics and non-metals. He uses advanced characterization techniques such as high energy X-ray, neutron and electron imaging and diffraction to capture, in real time, the effect of temperature, pressure and temperature-pressure on the micro, nano and sub-nano structure in materials. This is crucial for understanding and optimizing the processes used in production of all structural and functional materials. These world leading investigations are realized by extensive collaborations between research institutions, academia and industry. Often it involves using bespoke process simulators and multitude of modelling approaches. Dr. Azeem has published several papers in international journals, addressing microstructure-property correlations in light Mg, Ti and Al alloys, functional shape memory alloys, advanced Fe, Ni and Co based alloys, shale rocks etc.

Dr Azeem has worked at various prestigious research institutions, including Tata Motors, India and FEI Electron optics, Netherlands (currently part of Thermo Fisher Scientific). He has ongoing collaborations with various academic institutions and industry.

阿泽姆博士的核心研究包括金属合金、金属间化合物和非金属中的微观结构与特性的关系。他使用先进的表征技术,例如高能X射线,中子和电子成像以及衍射,来实时捕获温度、压力和温度-压力对材料中纳米、纳米和亚纳米结构的影响。这对于理解和优化所有结构和功能材料的生产过程至关重要。这些世界领先的研究成果是通过研究机构,学术界和行业之间的广泛合作来实现的。通常这些研究需要使用定制的过程模拟器和多种建模方法。 阿泽姆博士已在国际期刊上发表了多篇论文,表达了轻质Mg、Ti和Al合金,功能形状记忆合金,高级Fe,Ni和Co基合金,页岩岩石等的微观结构与性能的相关性。


Dr Bo Wang, Mathematics Programme Lead

bo wang

Wang Bo 博士,数学专业负责人

Dr Bo Wang is an Associate Professor in Statistics and Actuarial Science from Mathematical Sciences at Leicester. His research includes Functional Data Analysis, Gaussian Process Modelling and Mortality Modelling.

Wang Bo 博士是莱斯特大学数学系统与精算专业副教授。研究方向为函数型数据分析、高斯过程建模和死亡率建模。

He joined Leicester in 2011, where he has previously held the position of Lecturer in Statistics and Actuarial Science before his promotion to Associate Professor in 2015. He was awarded his BSc in Mathematics in 1994, followed by an MSc in Operational Research and Control Theory in 1997 and finally, his PhD in Applied Mathematics in 2000, all from Shandong University.

Wang Bo博士于2011年起进入莱斯特大学,时任统计与精算专业讲师,并于2015年被评为副教授。他在1994年毕业于山东大学数学系本科;1997年获山东大学操作研究与控制理论硕士学位;2000年获山东大学应用数学博士学位。

Dr Wang has authored over 20 papers, many of which have been published in prestigious international journals. One of his papers published in the Journal of Nonparametric Statistics in 2011 was named best paper of the year. He has presented at numerous international conferences in recent years, including the IMS-Asia Pacific Rim Meetings and the CMStatistics Conferences.

Wang Bo博士著有20余篇论文,其中多篇论文发表于国际权威杂志。2011年他发表在《非参数统计学》(Nonparametric Statistics)杂志上的论文被评为年度最佳论文。近几年,王波教授出席了多场国际会议,包括数理统计协会环亚太会议和CM Statistics大会等。

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