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Gender Sexuality and Environmental Justice

Climate Change Now

The field of green criminology is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary area of research addressing environmental crimes and harms, as well as wider issues of ecological justice affecting people and non-human nature. In recent years, it has specifically focused on the imperative of environmental protection in the face of increasing corporate (and often state sponsored) offending and harmful business practices by looking both at victims/survivors of environmental harm and at perpetrators of environmental crimes.

Our focus on the relation between ‘Gender Sexuality and Environmental Injustice’ draws on the consideration that, despite the increasing recognition of the need to adopt intersectional approaches, the perspectives of cis-women and of people belonging to gender and sexual minorities still do not to sufficiently inform theorisations, policies and interventions addressing environmental crime and harms. This is the main rationale of this developing area of research in the School, which also includes a focus on participative and creative methodologies because of their potential role in allowing research participants belonging to gender and sexual minorities to own the terms of their representation in the gathering, analysis and dissemination of research concerning them directly. 

Gender, Sexuality and Environmental Injustice workshopProfessor Nick Mai will explore these issues and build partnerships conducing to the establishment of new research networks and projects. As a result Professor Nick Mai and Dr Lucy Neville organised and hosted a workshop between 6 and 8 July 2022 with international and local scholars working on this issue to identify relevant case studies with strategic partners and facilitate the preparation of future collaborative projects and other initiatives.

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