Professor Lisa Smith

Professor of Criminology

Head of School


Professor Lisa Smith, Head of School for Criminology, works at the interface between forensic science, psychology and the law.

Inspired to better understand how we use forensic science in the criminal justice system and make sure we aren’t misusing it, Lisa’s research focuses on judicial decision making and the role of forensic science in the criminal justice process.

Her work on the influence of pre-trial biases about forensic science held by jurors culminated in the development and validation of the Forensic Evidence Evaluation Bias Scale (FEEBS). This is now used by legal professionals around the world in jury selection procedures.

Turning her attention to global miscarriages of justice, Lisa is now focused on how to better utilise forensic science to fight the injustice of sexual violence in low-resource environments by developing a pioneering kit that enables victims to self-examine for DNA evidence.

Listen as Professor Smith discusses how to recover forensic DNA in cases of sexual violence in low-resource environments.

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