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Technology in the Country House

By Marilyn Palmer and Ian West

This major book, published in September 2016 by Historic England in association with the National Trust, provides a comprehensive distillation of the findings of this project.

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This book and the project behind it featured in a ten-page article in the January 2017 issue of Current Archaeology.

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country house publication

Country House Technology

By Paul Barnwell and Marilyn Palmer (eds)

Proceedings of the conference held at Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, May 2010 (see Past events for more details of this conference), published as part of the Rewley House Studies series by Shaun Tyas, October 2012

Some other publications


Relatively few recent publications cover this subject in detail, but useful information can be found in contemporary text books etc., many of which have been re-published in facsimile or are available on-line.

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Country House Servants

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Cooking and food storage

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Water supply and sanitation

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Heating and ventilation

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