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Titles in the Leicester Medical School

Honorary titles awarded are in recognition of an unpaid contribution made to the University of Leicester within Leicester Medical School.

All clinical/allied health applicants employed by an NHS Trust will be expected to have discussed their application with their Clinical Director and Medical Director (and for those applying for a title associated with a role in the Leicester Medical School with the Director of Education) or in the case of Allied Health Professionals their appropriate line manager.

For those applicants who contribute to the work of the Leicester Medical School and undergraduate curriculum through teaching and education the sponsor will be the Head of Leicester Medical School. Please send your documents to PA to the Head of Leicester Medical School, Sandie Smith.

Honorary Lecturer

A clinician undertaking a regular role within the undergraduate MBChB curriculum at Leicester Medical School, based in a collaborating Trust where the teaching role relates to 0.5PA or equivalent.

It is expected that individuals will have a real commitment to medical education demonstrating ongoing educational CPD and may be able to demonstrate certified educational training/qualifications. Individuals are encouraged to undertake these where not currently held.

They will be included in the Medical School educational management structure (attending committee meetings, etc.). The title is normally awarded for a maximum period of 3 years and is subject to renewal.

Honorary Senior Lecturer

A clinician (normally at consultant level) undertaking a specific formal Trust senior leadership role for delivery to the undergraduate MBChB curriculum at Leicester Medical School e.g. Block Lead, and usually in receipt of 1-2 PAs within their job plans for this purpose may be recommended by the Head of Leicester Medical School, in liaison with the substantive employer for the award of Honorary Senior Lecturer until they relinquish their specified role. Individuals who are undertaking these roles but also meet the criteria for Honorary Professor or Honorary Associate Professor may be considered for these titles rather than for Honorary Senior Lecturer. The tenure of the award will be dependent upon the title awarded. Also clinicians who collaborate very substantively and regularly across a number of teaching domains e.g. placement supervision or Student Selected Component (SSC) provision; student support (clinical mentor); assessment (OSCEs or written); undergraduate interviewing may be considered for the award of Honorary Senior Lecturer by the Head of the Leicester Medical School, in liaison with the substantive employer.

It is expected that they will be able to demonstrate certified training/qualifications and on-going educational CPD and individuals are encouraged to undertake an academic teaching qualification where this is not currently held.

Individuals are required to work to specific academic objectives that will be agreed annually as part of a joint NHS/University appraisal. The appraisal should be undertaken by Director of Medical Education, or senior appraiser with an educational interest or a nominated deputy (this may be an appropriately nominated University appraiser).

Where, in addition, individuals meet the criteria for Honorary Associate Professor or Honorary Professor, they may personally apply for consideration of these awards.

Honorary Associate Professor

Please note that conferment of the title of Honorary Associate Professor does not enable title holders to be addressed as Professor, which is permitted only for those holding full professorial status.

Education role

Normally a minimum of one PA agreed in job plan for medical education; in the majority of cases this would be a 2 PA role.

A role agreed between the NHS Trust and the Medical School linked to the delivery of medical education. This could be in a number of areas including:

  • Local teaching leadership
  • Curriculum development
  • Assessment
  • Student support


The Honorary Associate Professor will take on the role of a ‘Mentor’.

Training requirements:

  • Diploma or Masters of Medical Education or other equivalent higher degree
  • To have achieved or be working towards Senior Fellowship of Higher Education Academy or Membership or working towards Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Educators or equivalent training programme

Educational Scholarship

Evidence of on-going educational CPD at a Regional or National level.

This could also include:

  • Attendance at appropriate Trust and/or Medical School educational events
  • Attendance at Regional and National education meetings (either postgraduate or undergraduate as appropriate)
  • Submission of abstracts or presentations to Regional or National meetings (either postgraduate or undergraduate as appropriate)
  • Development of education resources in a manner that demonstrates educational scholarship (e.g. contribution to books, online learning package, question writing, etc)
  • Delivery of educational programmes and/or education support in a manner that demonstrates scholarship
  • Evidence of publication of peer reviewed pedagogical papers or scholarly articles

Honorary Professor

Substantial evidence of senior leadership with evidence of:

  • Leadership of high quality local educational provision 
  • Wider impact of their educational leadership beyond their Trust
  • Evidence of scholarship/pedagogical reputation as a minimum nationally or evidence of enterprise success in teaching/internationalisation and/or significant impact in national educational debate/innovation
  • Commitment to mentoring/coaching/supervision of colleagues with an education/pedagogic focus e.g. Significant coaching and mentoring colleagues’ development in teaching practice and enhancement of student experience, supervision of pedagogic research

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