Clinical Academic Training


In Leicester, ACFs are offered a choice of research projects and supervisors depending upon their clinical speciality. It is possible to undertake research outside of these pre-defined projects, but any proposed new project will need to be agreed by the Clinical Academic Training programme.

Projects within a theme post

Five ACF posts available in the 2022 recruitment round are associated with NIHR research priority themes. The clinical specialities available for these posts are listed below, with the linked research theme(s) listed alongside each speciality.



Cardio-thoracic Surgery

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

General Practice

Geriatric Medicine

Public Health Medicine

Renal Medicine

Respiratory Medicine

Projects within a speciality post

Four ACF posts available in the 2022 recruitment round are associated with the ongoing academic expertise at the University of Leicester. Example research projects/areas for candidates applying for an ACF in the specialities listed below are shown on the links accessed by clicking on each speciality. The research described is not exhaustive and it is possible for an ACF to develop their own research area not included in the descriptions on the linked pages. It is also possible for an ACF in any of the specialities below to undertake research linked to our themed ACF posts, or undertake research that is linked to a different speciality.

*Candidates in any of the specialities listed above can undertake their ACF in medical education.

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