In Leicester, ACFs are offered a choice of research projects and supervisors depending upon their clinical speciality. It is possible to undertake research outside of these pre-defined projects, but any proposed new project will need to be agreed by the Clinical Academic Training programme.

Projects within a theme post

Four of the 2020 ACF posts have been awarded by the NIHR for trainees to work in NIHR priority themes. These projects have been reviewed by the NIHR and trainees undertaking these projects will be expected to work on the projects listed. It is recognised that research develops over time and minor adaptations to methods/focus may be required. The overall aim of the research, and the theme alignment, will not be changed.

Candidates applying for any of the themed ACF posts will be expected to undertake the research project related to each individual themed post. 

Research theme

Acute care

Anaesthetics, cardio-thoracic surgery and intensive care medicine

Older people and complex health needs

Geriatric medicine

Platform science and bioinformatics (1)

Vascular surgery

Platform science and bioinformatics (2)

Medical oncology, general surgery and trauma and orthopaedic surgery

Projects within a speciality post

These project descriptions are based on research currently being undertaken by the supervisor(s) listed at the top of each project. It is intended that successful ACFs will undertake the research described. It can be 12-24 months from the time these projects are published online here to the time an ACF starts their period of protected academic time. There is therefore a chance that the projects described on this website may be adapted or changed by the time an ACF undertakes their academic work.

Cardiology Clinical radiology Emergency medicine Endocrinology and diabetes General practice Geriatric medicine Haematology Infectious diseases Obstetrics and gynaecology Ophthalmology Otolaryngology Paediatrics Renal medicine Respiratory medicine Sports and exercise medicine