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Parents' guide

A father and daughter getting advice from a student ambasadorA-level Results Day is fast approaching - and remember, this year it's on Thursday 15 August 2024 - and our dedicated team are still here to provide you and your child with help, advice, guidance and reassurance.

Don’t panic

Remain calm, stay positive and be supportive. There are plenty of places available in Clearing, with thousands of students going into Clearing each year.

If you have already prepared for the possibility of Clearing, that’s a great start. If not, don’t worry. Carefully consider what's on offer, and think back to the original criteria your child applied when choosing their course.

Be prepared

Before Results Day, no matter how confident you and your child are about their grades, explore alternative options. Check out courses that your child is interested in with a range of entry requirements.

Consider courses that are both close to their preferred course and some alternative options that pique their interest. The University of Leicester has a wide range of courses to explore. You may want to consider making two lists, in case your child did better than expected. If you don't need these lists in the end, you've lost nothing.

Make sure that your child is fully available on Results Day (and a good night's sleep beforehand doesn't hurt). If they go into Clearing they will need to be available to discuss their options and their application.

How do I know whether my child is in Clearing?

From 8.15am on Results Day your son or daughter can log in to UCAS where they can check their status. If they have not met their offer, or are otherwise eligible for Clearing, the option to ‘Add a Clearing choice’ will be available on UCAS (in the ‘Next Steps’ section) from 1.00pm.

The decision may be available on UCAS before your child has received their results, and will indicate that their results are not as expected or that they have not met their offers. Use this time to take in the situation and ready yourself and your son or daughter for the emotional, busy day ahead.

The Clearing process

If your child goes into Clearing, make sure that they have their UCAS log-in, their UCAS ID number and their grades to hand before making any decisions or phone calls. Remember that they can ring their first choice university to enquire about other options that may be available.

During the Clearing process, your child will likely be on the phone to a number of universities throughout the day. Make sure you keep a record of which ones they have spoken to and what they were told.

Because of Data Protection laws, the University cannot discuss your child's application with you. We can only speak directly to the applicant, unless you are their nominee on their UCAS form.

If they didn't get the grades they hoped for, your child may be disheartened or upset on Results Day. Don’t worry, don't panic. There is no need to rush into Clearing or the decision-making process on Results Day - take the time that you and your child need to explore their options.

More about Leicester

If you haven’t considered us yet, or want more information, Clearing is a great time to find out more:

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