Clearing 2024

Advice and guidance for Clearing

Don't be downhearted

Every year more than 60,000 students apply to universities through Clearing. Once you've accepted an offer of a place, you're on your way to university. It makes no difference at all how you reached that point.

Stay calm

Keep a cool, clear mind and don't rush your decision. Clearing is an opportunity to help you find a place to study that's right for you. If possible, get help from the people around you.

Do your research

Look into the various universities and institutions that you're interested in and make a shortlist.

Think about where you want to study, the benefits of each institution, and how well individual courses will prepare you for your future career.

Don't jump the gun

You can add a university as a Clearing choice on UCAS from 3.00pm on Results Day. But you must first speak to that university and only add it after they have asked you to apply.

Consider other options

Would you be better off taking a gap year and applying again next year? By then you'll have your grades - which makes applying to university a lot simpler. And whatever you do, you'll have some great experiences under your belt.

Call us

Change is calling at Leicester. Check our currently available courses and call our Clearing line on 0116 373 6000 to talk to one of our friendly advisers.

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