Core Biotechnology Services

Terms and conditions

Projects handed over to the Genomics facility

  • Projects are quoted on a case by case basis in order to adapt to the specific requirements of each customer. Reagents are ordered once the customer has agreed with our quotation and our conditions of use. For non-collaborative work with external customers, we may require prepayment (usually 10%) and the establishment of a service contract between the customer and the University of Leicester before we start the work. Once the work is completed, data are supplied after the final payment is made. For costly projects, customers may be asked to cover the cost of the reagents upfront. Customers have to bear in mind that analytical work on biological samples often results in a certain percentage of failure due to reasons beyond anybody’s control. We estimate to 5-10% the number of samples failing and requiring reruns. The customer will have to budget the cost of reruns if needed.
  • The service offering and commitment described in our quotations are conditional upon the quality and amount of samples supplied by the customer. RNA or DNA samples directly provided by the customer are always assessed. If some samples do not pass the quality controls, the customer will be asked whether she/he wants us to proceed with them. Should she/he decide not to proceed, we will still have to charge the cost of the sample quality control. Should she/he decide to proceed, we will not be held liable for failure of the experiments.
  • We are usually not able to commit to any specific delivery deadlines. However, we do our best to complete all projects within a reasonable timeframe, for example, 2-4 weeks for a small to middle scale project (< 100 samples). However, this may vary depending on the workload in our services at the time we receive the samples and the reagents. We provide the customer with a more accurate time plan once we have the samples and an estimated shipping date of the reagents.
  • The facility reserves the right to recycle or dispose of any unclaimed samples and kits/reagents after one year without prior notice.
  • The staff of the Genomics Facility do not provide reports on completed work to any customer other than the one who commissioned the work.

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