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Nikon C1Si Confocal microscope





The Nikon C1Si CLSM is built on a Nikon eclipse Ti microscope stand equipped with 4 lasers resulting in the laser lines:

  • 405 nm
  • 457 nm
  • 488 nm
  • 514 nm
  • 561 nm
  • 640nm

The system is filter block based and has 4 detectors (PMTs) which can be used as 3 fluorescence and one transmitted light detector or in a configuration with 4 fluorescence detectors. Besides the standard PMTs this system has also a spectral detector unit with an array of 32 PMTs. This array makes for fast spectral imaging with a resolution of 1.5 nm, 5 nm or 10 nm and is the fastest microscope based spectral imager in our facility.


  • CFI Plan Fluor 10x (NA = 0.3) phase contrast (dry!)
  • CFI Super Plan Fluor 20x (NA = 0.45) extra long working distance (dry!)
  • CFI Super Plan Fluor 40x (NA = 0.6) extra long working distance (dry!)
  • CFI Plan Apochromat VC 60x (NA = 1.4) oil


If you wish to use the microscope you must firstly contact one of the technicians responsible for the system and provide a brief explanation of the work and techniques that you wish to use. Individual accounts will be established for all new users which will be required before you are able to make bookings.

Users are not to alter either the software or microscope set-up without prior permission.

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