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Archaeology and Classics outreach

Archaeology offers numerous possibilities for developing key concepts and skills, such as an understanding of chronological ordering, an understanding and appreciation of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity, the application and underlying principles of scientific methods and critical reflection on the interpretation of the past. Classics is an interdisciplinary subject which includes the study of the literature, languages, history and material culture of the ancient world, and their impact on later periods and cultures. Both subjects complement many areas of the curriculum.

Our knowledge of the past is based on texts and objects, and is constantly changing as different interpretations are offered. Study of archaeology and classical subjects encourages pupils to think critically about the value of different sources of information, to form arguments based on different types of evidence, and to combine theories and methods from different subjects as they encounter new cultures and civilisations.

Through our workshops, subject talks and teaching resources, we can help you to bring archaeology and classics to life in the classroom!

Leicester Classics Hub

schoolchildren posing togetherIn partnership with Classics for All, we support the introduction of classical subjects in state schools where there is no current provision, and provide a wide range of enrichment opportunities based on our cutting-edge research in classical archaeology and ancient history. We can provide:

  • Support and training for the introduction of Classical Civilisation, Ancient History, Latin and Greek within and alongside the curriculum (KS2-5)
  • Support and training for current teachers of Classical Civilisation, Ancient History, Latin and Greek (KS2-5)
  • Resources for use in the classroom
  • Campus-based and classroom sessions to complement a wide range of subjects in the national curriculum
  • Taster sessions (KS2-5)
  • Academic consultancy
  • School visits to give student-focused talks on our research

If you would like further information or to book a session, please contact us at For information about grants to support the introduction of classical subjects, please visit the Classics for All website.

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It's been so wonderful to give our children access to what has previously been seen as an independent school curriculum through Classics Clubs. The children deserve to have access to this culturally rich material and it is a joy to share it with them. The children literally groaned when it was time to send them home after their first club session!

Teacher (Beauchamp College, Leicester)

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