Archaeology and Ancient History

Starch and residue laboratory

starch and residue labThe starch and residue laboratory contains our research-grade microscopes for the complete analysis of usewear (microwear) and organic residues on tools. We have a suite of low- and high-power microscopes and other facilities necessary for functional analysis of tools, and the extraction and analysis of ancient starch granules. Our equipment includes:

  • Two Zeiss Axioscop 2 MAT light microscopes fitted with an MRc 5 AxioCam (5 Megapixel resolution) digital camera. All of this is linked up to Zeiss Imaging Analysis software. One microscope is dedicated for reflected light observations and the other for transmitted light illumination with brightfield/darkfield/polarising/and differential interference contrast
  • A Zeiss Stemi 2000-C low-power stereo-microscope
  • Reference collection for the analysis of ancient starch granules

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